Angry and Boring

Ever since I started

Being myself

I’ve been so

Ridiculously, unbelievably

Fucking happy.

Especially when I think about

The way I used to feel

What the holy hell ?!

But also, people

Mess with me less?

I think maybe cuz

I walk faster and

Don’t look as scared, anymore.

Funny how that works!

Honestly though,

Those closest to me have been

Even closer, still.

I guess I’m easier to deal with,

Now that I’m not

Killing myself with my thoughts,

At least as much

As I did before.

Must be easier for them

To like this guy

Since that lady was so

Angry and boring.

I just wish I

Didn’t miss her,

As much as I do.

Also I’m like,

Literally a teenage boy now.

I even enjoy my reflection

Fucking oh god, world

Watch out.

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