Two-Faced/Everything that I Can

I say a lot of things like

“The worst part of being _____ is _______”

But, to tell you the truth

I don’t know anything worse

Than the feeling

Of someone losing respect for you

Over something that is part of you.

Something they deem–


Unacceptable and undesirable.

It’s some part of

Human instinct

That I really, really hate.

People do it for just about

Any reason they can find.

I’ve seen it in my cats, too

When one got injured

The other one attacked it


As if they were waiting for any moment

Any opportunity to

Establish dominance on the other animal

I see this in humans every single day

It disgusts me

I wish that somehow

I could eradicate

The epidemic of cruelty

In our hearts enough to be able

To make a single friend

Who doesn’t think less of me

After discovering that

I’m fat.

It would be incredible

To meet a single person

Who already knows

That I’m doing everything

That I can.

It would be incredible

To be seen, to be understood

To be respected and to be

What I am, naturally.

You know–without

A pack of cats hunting me

I’m not a work in progress,

I’m a complete human being

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