Fantasy World

When I was young(er)

I often daydreamed about

Being alive in a

Different time

A classier one,

Where people spoke

Romantically to one another

A classically romantic time.

I was convinced,

At that time,

That I would fit in better, then.

I was sure of it, but–

I also knew that

It wouldn’t be pleasant

To be in a different era

Unless I was a man–

So I scrapped the thinking.

Now, well

I’m trans

And I am confidently

Daydreaming in this era again.

An era I made up entirely

In my head

Other people call it steampunk, but

It’s not really my era, precisely

Mine is much more western

Than mechanical

And there are loads, loads more

Lesbians and adventurously spirited

Women of all varieties

Why the hell would I fantasize

About a place worse

Than where I’m sitting?

I’d much rather fantasize

About someone sitting on my

Place your mind back in time

For a bit, here

Imagine instead of concrete and

Dreary cunts, there are

Victorian style things mixed with

Cowboy boots and

Overly confident women

Top of the morning to you,

My lady/them friend!

I can’t wait to ride back into my

Ranch estate and start the next crop

Of hemp and blueberries before

The robotics race this afternoon

Also now it’s steampunk sorry

There’s robots and tech but

It’s all super duper eco friendly and

None of it is going to kill your family

Or take over the world

This is super lesbo fantasy

No rules here except for

Decency, respect and consideration

Also free weed for everyone all the time

That’s a rule

Good stuff, too

Anything and everything here in my

Fantasy world

The one I go to when I’m

Stuck here in hell, wondering

About sleeping when I’m

Vomiting and shitting myself to death

I just wish I could

Spend the night in a friend’s bed without

Throwing up and

Daydreaming about death

Oh well, time to go back to

My fantasy world

Where all the most confident dykes

Wear sexy cowboy hats

Everyone’s outfits are

Handmade and everyone writes

Poems about their feelings instead of

Terrorizing anonymous beings

Oh yeah, they’re gonna make a

Mini series outta my head, someday

I can’t wait to tune in,

See what they’ve done to the place

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