Peppy Talker

I give pretty good pep-talks

I think, at least

Some people have told me

That I should be a

Motivational speaker

I find this somewhat insulting, considering

How fake and inauthentic most of those

Fakers are. I do not

Identify as a faker; I

Identify as a maker–


There I go, again!

Speaking motivationally.

It shouldn’t be offensive, but

I don’t like being associated with

Conmen and schemers

My pep talks are extremely authentic

Extremely organic

They’ve all been tried and tested

I’ve needed every single bit of advice

I’ve ever given anyone.

I might give too much advice but

I never tell somebody to do something

I haven’t tried myself.

I consistently pep-talk others

The way I pep-talk myself

In order for me to

Not piss the bed, I literally

Need to pep myself up.

I legit wouldn’t wake up

And be able to function

Without a seriously motivating pep-talk

I do myself the best, I think–

It’s the opposite with masturbation.

I’m a real efficient no-nonsense masturbator

It’s mostly a sleep aid at this point

I’m kind of a no-nonsense everything-er

I do everything with as little nonsense involved

As possible

Well, except for poetry

I amp up the nonsense for this stuff.

Even pep-talks–

Which are 99% nonsense–

I try to do without nonsense.


“You got here by yourself, you can finish this by yourself!”

A seemingly two-sided encouragement

I source this from a blonde joke I heard in 5th grade–How dumb was that blonde? She swam halfway across the ocean, got tired, turned around and swam back.

Silly fair-haired person!

You gotta just keep swimming, yo

A sad truth of life I have found

Is that no other human being

Can truly do anything for you


In any way

You do everything for yourself

Even if you’re asking for help

So like

Stop waiting for someone

To help you

Cuz they won’t.

Go ahead and give it your all

If you fail, they treat you

The exact same

As when you win–

The only difference

Is how you think of yourself.

Because it’s all about

You doing you, ok boo?


“You’re amazing and if they can’t see that they’re blind/deaf/dumb”

True! Anyway so like…

Explanation? Redundant.


“You were born to do this and something will eventually work out because you are meant to do ______”

This is mostly sourced from my beliefs on love and relationships. I have known that I was put on this earth to love and be loved since I was a little child. I live this way, and have experienced incredible passionate love in many stages of my life, directed towards many different people, places and things. I have never been concerned about being single or alone, mostly due to my willingness to love others as well as myself.

I believe this transfers to success in all things daydreamable. Does that mean that dreams come true? Fucking no! Not unless you’re lucky, and if you work your whole life at it. You gotta be one or both. Dreams are just ideas you can’t reach yet.

“Take it one day at a time”

Did you do your best today?

Fucking holy hell!

You did so good

I’ve had some days of my life

Where I’ve done things

That weigh on me

Even still today–

Literally and symbolically.

If you got through today

Without committing any

Major sins against humanity

You deserve a hug and a kiss


Fresh from me

I have occasionally

Succumbed to a rage

That storms within me

And destroys the people nearby

Casualties of

Hurricane Becky

Maybe you’re an asshole

Or maybe you’re human

At least you’re not

Part storm system,

Like big ol’ me.

Anyway, keep on working

On that thing you failed to do

Because failing is an

Essential part of the

Scientific process

Life is an experiment and

I wanna write it all night long *sings

what was I doing?

Oh right,

Pep talks!

You did good now, ya hear?

Hope you enjoy something nice

Like a shower beer

No matter what happens

You are a person

With humanity !

And one person with humanity

In a sea of depressed, pain-ridden monsters

Is the most encouraging,


Emboldening idea

I’ve heard in years


Get out there

Conquer those fears!

Fear is like

Exciting arousing heart attack pain

Just rub your nips in the bathroom for a bit

And get on with conquering your shit

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