Here’s the deal

I just didn’t think

Danaereys went that crazy

I know she killed all those losers

But I don’t think she was totally bonkers

I hate what Jon Snow did

I am upset

I do not agree

I kinda wish someone

Would kill him

Gray Worm preferred

Drogon best alternate

Or just like


Being an overly idealistic idiot

Do you remember what most of the

Other kingdoms in this land are like?

They need to be freed

No joke, no insane violent conquest planned

I get that they surrendered

But the Killed her fucking dragon

You stupid bitches

That shit hurts!

You think she’s gonna be able

To rule over those people

With her dragon not wanting to

Snack on those murderers?

Who cares what drogon eats now

He’s just mourning,

Flying around with her corpse

I was so fucking upset

I am upset still

This was garbage

I am bothered

Jon should be in jail

Or worse

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