I am so blessed to have found someone

Who isn’t shallow

She loves me and thinks I’m

A beauty, because of who I am

Not how I seem.

I wonder if people even

Consider that an insult, any longer–

To be shallow.

It used to be something

You ought to be ashamed of

Now it’s a fact of life

A profile picture

An Instagram

It’s how you date,

How you relocate

How you participate

To be shallow is to be

Young, nowadays

even Older people are less inclined

To pretend to be any other way

I just wonder

Is it based on

Reason? Or is it based on

All this media, all this

Television? Who even

Cares, honestly

I’ve given up on people


There are no deep ones anymore

Nobody traveling planes

I just want to daydream with someone

On the roof of my car

Stargazing by the beach

Making plans for a future

Bigger than either of us could make


I just wish people were

More like me, but

I’ve felt this way since as long as

I can think.

Is it me being obsessed with

Me? In the way I complain

About these shallow idiots being

Somehow superior to me

Maybe I’m the diva

Insisting on the last line

Taking up all the light

Sucking all the air out of the scene

I entertain myself because

Everyone else is transfixed

Staring at their reflections

Wishing they were with someone

More on their level

Trading and upgrading models

Exes and lovers and saboteurs

Who am I

Just some they/them wallflower

Hypnotizing the shy ones

With some kind of instrument

Slathered with a little extra charm

I don’t rely on my looks to

Get anything done, I use

My other skills.

The ones I learned

Because I’m a bit of a clown.

Today, I was rude to

A shallow idiot

I never really knew

They seemed so confused !

I think most people

Blow him because he’s always

Got his hair a certain way

And takes loads of selfies

And is a shallow weirdo

I guess

In some ways

I’m shallow–but

About people’s personalities

I hate boring weirdos

But it sucks cuz

Even dope people can be

Super shallow

Especially nowadays

In the shallowest times ever

I don’t understand

A love story used to need to have

Someone with a flaw

In order to be believable

Otherwise the love

Was just lust

Does anyone know the difference,


I think not.

Lust is like,

A sin, you know…

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