None of Them are Me

I guess I’m

Not like other trans guys.

That’s how I feel, at least.

Maybe it’s because

I didn’t hate being a lesbian.

Maybe it’s because

I don’t hunch and

I don’t hate my chest.

Maybe it’s because

I hate myself so much,

I never even realized

Something was wrong.

All the hate just felt right,

Right where it belongs.

I guess

I’m not like other trans guys

I’m not sure what that means

Every time I mention it

People say “of course you are!”

Like my therapist

Who I’m certain I’m ditching

Therapy seems like a scam

Ever since I started doping.


Other trans guys

In my group

Hate therapy too

I guess we are the same


Other trans guys

In my group

Have been hurt by lesbians

They loved before

They transitioned

Maybe that’s why

They don’t identify

Cuz they’ve been burned


Other trans guys

In my group

Have been on hormones so long

Their tits are just

Straight- up in-the-way

They like them, but

They give them away!

Otherwise they’d be

A man, easy peasy.

Ah, okay

Maybe now I see

I am like other trans guys–

But none of them are


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