Chapter Two

Hooooollllyyyyyy SHIT




Is this endometriosis or some shit?

Am I having a heat stroke

Or a heart attack?!?

Maybe I just have the shits


No this isn’t just the shits.

The shits don’t have

Nearly as much blood as this.

I wonder if my period

Will come soon–


Is this it?!?

I’ve never had one

Quite like this, before

A self-induced hysterectomy

Blood pouring out of my gash

Pooling in and outside of me

I wonder if I will die, like this

It will indefinitely

Tear right through me

And leave me here

To bleed out?

I think my uterus

Is onto me, now

It’s juicing itself

Clear on through

Maybe this is just

My old self, taking her one last

Walk-through, her

One last baby on its

One last lining,

Fissuring, quivering

I thought it already knew

What testosterone could do

To a uterus, or

A pair of ovaries

I do!

I guess this is just

Chapter two

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