A String of Insults to Help Me Relax Into Sleep

Go fuck yourself to fucking death

I go to sleep

And wake up


About bashing your face in

You fucking

Up tight

Stuck up

Self righteous

Cunt bitch

I fucking hate that you exist

I hate that you think

You’re better than

A single person on earth

I hope that you

And all the doctors

Swiftly go to hell

And get Cushing’s syndrome first

I hope they gaslight you

For ten years about your diagnosis

I hope everyone in your family

Abandons you and gives up

All hope that you’ll ever be

Anything more than an embarrassment

I hope all of the worst things onto you

Because I hate you

You’re a fucking bitch

You are what

Their faces say you are

You ugly fucking fat fuck cunt shag

Eat shit and die


That’s how these things

End, usually?

I don’t usually have to


It just keeps

Going and going and going

I guess I’ll just

Stop typing…

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