Can’t we just like

Ban ill-will?

Is that too vague?

It’s like,

Never okay

To wish ill-will

Even if someone

“Deserves” it, it’s

Not your call to make

Not even to yourself!

(Scoffs) I know, right

I do it all the time

I regret every second

I despise the part of myself

Unable to cope, wishing

Things would be

Fantastic and vengeful

So that somehow

Wrongs are righted

Ain’t no such party

No drug gonna take you there,


Makes the most sense to me

To have something in the books

Mentioning how ill-will is

Not helpful to anyone,

Not even criminals

I think our consciences

Punish us plenty

Those without them,

Should function–

Or go to jail, but like

The jail can’t be

Full of ill-will either

It’s gotta be built

To protect the world

From dangerous people

Not make them

More dangerous than they were

Before they went there

What kinda idiot thinks

That’s a good plan?

Hey, who am I

Just some rage-filled

Crusty hypocritical

Angry batshit asshole

Trying to make sense

Of all this nonsense.


When I was about to

Publish this

I realized that plenty

Of people think

They are doing the

Right thing always

That they are

Good people, and that

They say their

“Truths” come from

A good place

I wonder if there is such a thing

As a spell

I could cast

On the world

To make them see

More clearly

Silence, often

Is a greater gift

Than any advice

Could give

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