Ghost/Haunt/Someone I Don’t Want To Be

I think I’m alone

So I can

Maybe talk about

The spirit hunting I’ve been doing.

I had a ghost

Now I have a haunt

An unwanted presence of sorts

I found your clues, haunt

And I’ve cracked your code

I followed the crumbs and

I licked the toad!

Seven times left

Seven times right

Little tiny frog handjob

Mmmmm get that little prince

Feelin’ alright


I noticed!!

Based on your likes

Which I interpret as


You are:

    Bisexual now
    Single, or
    dating around
    Open relationship with multiple people
    Dating the same person as before but open
    Moved to California (or are lying even more than I thought)
    Lied about everything you’ve ever told me
    Loved every second of it
    Have been sourcing serious confidence from disrespecting me for sport, and have since dried up, looking to tap again.

Did I get it right?

Am I wrong about anything?

Didn’t think so

Maybe this time

This message will land

More clearly

Not sure how much clearer

Anyone could possibly be

This is the only place left

You could contact me

I’m done pretending

You aren’t petty, and that

You didn’t treat me

Like someone I don’t want to be

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