I’ll be honest

I don’t really understand

The poems

That aren’t like

Drenched in angst

Soaked and bled into

Poured acid upon

Shit that’s like

Hard to look at

You know what I mean?

I don’t understand!


If you wanna describe

A nice pretty stream

Take a picture, you

Fucking jackass

Compared to a photo,

Your weakass descriptions

Are obscene

Totally missing the point


Life is about


Haven’t you noticed

Anything ?!

Read some fucking

Dostoevsky or some

Tolstoy or some Pushkin

Or some frickin’

Dumas you dumbass

Or just I dunno

Stand by the overpass

Watch what people

Throw out of their cars

As if time and space

Was a trash can

Suffering is like

Part of human nature, I suppose

Without it we’d just

Click our heels and wiggle our toes

End up in a land of

Who even fucking knows what I’ll tell you that

Don’t trust anybody

Selling you unnamed seeds or

Beanstalks or cows or what have you

Keep the shit you got

Trading is for losers!

Also like

Babbling on

About babbling brooks

And pretty shit you

Gone did and seen

On vacation

Makes not one bit of sense to me

But who am I

Just some anxious insomniac asswipe

Typing between toilet trips

Taking in the scenery

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