My heart broke

A while ago

By someone you

Didn’t know


She made sure

It was all shattered

So that nobody could come

And break me better


She even had

A part of my spine


For me to remember.


Then, I knew another

Who came and took my heart

And reminded me

Of who I was


Now I know that they are

Love, and the other was

Many lessons, dressed-up

In a trenchcoat.


I wonder, now

I’ve I’ll ever be

Unbothered, or if I’ll

Always be shattered


I’ve been glued

I still feel

Every line, ever groove

I am still broken, just

Performing, whole


I love her

With a kind of love

Our ancestors

Wrote on caves


I used to feel

Broken, uneasy, out-of-place

Now I feel

Broken-in, tested, tried and true


Now, I suppose

I will have to risk

Failure, some more

Until our love spans heaven–

Nature, eternity–

Fables written into the stars


Now, I suppose

I have to risk

Falling in love with you

I’m not sure if I can shatter

And be pieced back together, again.


Now, I wonder

If we aren’t just

Star-crossed lovers, staring up at

Our eternity together, wondering

How we could stay forever

Immortalized by our synergy

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