Angry and Boring

Ever since I started Being myself I’ve been so Ridiculously, unbelievably Fucking happy. Especially when I think about The way I used to feel What the holy hell ?! But also, people Mess with me less? I think maybe cuz I walk faster and Don’t look as scared, anymore. Funny how that works! Honestly though, […]

Tinnitus or Something

All at once Out of nowhere I knew all the answers I’ve been demanding All at once In one huge dissonance Surrounding my head A cloud of suspense All at once I knew that I got What I was asking for All at once I regretted ever being Ungrateful for Silence ———– Ever since, I’ve […]


Hi kitty Oh kitty Come on, kitty Come here! We’re moving to our new house, Kitty You should be the Opposite of scared Why are you hiding There, of all places Oh, Kitty !! Dear god, kitty Put down the gun, kitty! Ok fine You live here I guess I’ll come and visit I’ll miss […]


I’d like a do-over If I could, please Maybe if I ask politely Second chances will come To me Oh right, the whole world Is struggling I’m supposed to handle this Independently Alas, I tried I failed and I Need to try again Please! Let me try One more time I won’t fuck it up […]


When I first started doing this I had nothing and No one Now I have Something to show Something to work Something to grow Someone I can Be with who won’t Leave me– Me