Ughhhhhhh Exhilarating is a Fucking Hideous word!!! Why do I Publish this shit Sometimes I don’t even Think I should be allowed On the internet Certainly shouldn’t be Playing with words Dangerous stuff, you know The word exhilarating Makes me feel like I’ve got a pair of Nunchucks in my mouth


My identity is Fixer My identity is Maker My identity is Lover My identity is Player My identity is Dreamer My identity is Listener My identity is Observer My identity is Grower My identity is More than just what I know It’s more than what I’m Able to do– It’s where I go It’s who […]


I’ll be honest I don’t really understand The poems That aren’t like Drenched in angst Soaked and bled into Poured acid upon Shit that’s like Hard to look at You know what I mean? I don’t understand! Like, If you wanna describe A nice pretty stream Take a picture, you Fucking jackass Compared to a […]


I love when People who’ve Never been fat Tell me about How obesity works! It’s like they’re a A matchmaker, who’s never been Matched! Or a Fighter, that’s never been Touched!! Or a Liar, who who’s never been Told.

Go Home, Put on Some Bach–2020 Election

When Trump gets re-elected I worry I won’t really Feel anything, at all? I think I’ll probably Make a joke Shrug it off Pretend I knew all along Then maybe I’ll Buy a gun at my Local elementary school rifle show Go home Put on some Bach And blow my fucking head off   AAAAAAAHhhhhhhh […]