My girlfriend is like

“you’ve been

In an obsessive loop

About all the fatphobia stuff

Because you’ve got like

Three doctors appointments

In five days, and you

Always get anxious

When you have to see

The doctors”

I’m like

yeah ok

but how does that explain

All the bugs crawling all over my face?


Or the overwhelming sense of

Dread that we are all confidently

going to burn in an apocalyptic

End-times vision?!

Oh, what!?

You mean my meds are off kilter?

Go fuck yourself!!

How dare you insinuate

My wide variety of pills

Is affecting my mood in any way

Clearly I’m upset

Because Yvie Oddly won

And I kinda think

Anybody else woulda been fine too


Anyway, I’m glad

Nina West won’t be too busy.

What was I talking about?

LMFAO right omg

Being insane

Anyway, I kinda think

That my brain has been

Playing tricks on me

I’ve been hearing melodies

I’d rather not listen to

The cats are like,

Hovering. I think they think

They are protecting?

Good luck, little pretty kitty

Ain’t no kibbles

Where I’m going.


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