Lumberjanes Lady Got Me Feelin’ Predictable

I read this

Lumberjanes comic

About this

Inventor/explorer lady

Who built herself

Robot friends in the

Forest to keep herself


She had all the friends she

Needed, so the

Lumberjanes came in and

Saved her, I guess-?

I don’t remember exactly what

Specifically. I just remember

That I really kinda

Felt bad about how much I

Identified with that

Cooky mad scientist loner lady

Building her own

Universe, designed to

Love her when everyone

Else decides she is

“too much, for me”

I don’t think I’m

Fully, truly alone, like she

Was, but I am worried

That I want to be.

I am worried that I

Wish I wasn’t lonely, while

Vomiting instantly upon

Any and all company.

People make me so

Uneasy, I think I’d rather

Flee into the woods and

Start making robot lovers

Or something

You know,


Or maybe I’ll just

Do what I’ve been doing

Singing myself love songs,

Lullabies and cheerleading

Pumping up the volume

Gaining self-esteem while

Exorcising my self-loathing

Yet here I am, alone

High in my tower–well,

The second floor looms

In its own way.

Beckyunzel, Beckyunzel,

Let down your good hair

Write yourself some poems

And some jokes and some

Comedy routines only you see

As comedy but like

They’ll understand, eventually


I’m going to

Keep creating no matter

What happens to me

If I stop then I will

Immediately become

Dead. Die didn’t rhyme,


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