Not A Poet

I’ll admit, I’m not really

A poet. I just write down

What I feel and press the

Spacebar right when I think

The line is about halfway

Through. I then tag it as

“poem, poetry, prose?, prose”

I learned about free-verse, today

I’ll start tagging that, too.

I wonder if you all already

Knew? I promise I love

Reading the poems you wrote

About the people that hurt you

The most. I wonder if you’re

Bothered by my incessant

Poetry, poems, prose? and

Free-versing, I wonder if

I will ever be able to

Stop rhyming everything

In my head. It’s like I have

A word astigmatism

or something causing

Lines and loops to form

Blurring out common sense.

I am consumed by my desire

To live in my head, I have

Fully moved in now, I’m settled

And I’m ready for bed.

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