Understand Me

Bisexual people are

Always accusing me

Of being prejudiced

Against them ?

I am like

Legit so unsure

Of what I’m doing

To deserve this.

One time I pointed out–

Casually, I promise–

That my experience

As a butch lesbian

Has been quite polarizing.

I asked my

Bisexual friend

If they had any of the same

Experiences, and they

Said that they didn’t.

I said,

“Oh cool! Well, I’m sure that

You’ve had other things”

And they immediately got



Can’t our experiences

Both be different

AND valid?

What about my experiences are

Threatening yours?

Why is your identity

Running away right now?

Why do you feel the need

To be something

“More convincing?”

“More out?”

“More proud?”

I’m convinced!

I just want to understand you

The way I hope

Someone might want

To understand me

But maybe

That’s prying

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