One time

In graduate school

My professor asked me

On a note

On a returned paper to

See him after class.

I was a bit worried, but

I do good work, so I

Didn’t sweat.

I showed up

When he asked and he

Looked very surprised

And flustered

He said he had

Another meeting to get to

Then he asked me

What I needed help with

And asked me what grade

I needed to raise

I was confused because

He had given me an

A ?

I was there,

I assumed

For praise.

Instead I got

Raised eyebrows and

Mixed messages

He then realized

I was the one he

Was meeting with

It got both

More and less

Awkward after that.

He then told me

To apply to Fulbright

In Europe

I told him

I wanted to focus

On my music


But really

I just don’t want to be

Some fat tranny

In Europe

No matter how much


With which

They bait me

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