Yeah I dunno

I have definitely

Been in a loop

About the fat-stuff lately.

To you it seems like


But honestly

I used to be

So preoccupied with

All of this I wasn’t

Able to function,


I was so depressed and

So anxious I

Wasn’t able to form thoughts

Or words,

I was


I think, whatever that means.

I have struggled

With this as a

Main priority in my life

Distracting me from

Everything else that has any


To me, I am

Only just now speaking.

I am not

“in a loop”,

So to speak, I am

Only just beginning.

I worry that this

Is the start of my journey

My true calling

I worry that it’s my job

To explain

The simplest of pains

Inflicted upon me

I worry that it’s my


To help others

Like me, and I

Worry that it’s my

Life’s work, my

Cross to bear, I worry that

I’ll never be done and

Most of all

I worry I’ll

Never be


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