Prestige/See You Empty Land

Here at this

Cunt palace

We only accept

The finest of cunts

Only the

Choosiest cunts are

Allowed to be

On display

Only the

Richest, thinnest

Most talented

Most ambitious cunts

Are allowed

In here!

Please, take a seat

At our cunt bar

We have a fine array of

Cunty cunts for you to

Choose from

We hope you

Cunt enjoy a

Fine cunt with us, today

Don’t tell any of your

Less cunty friends about us

They will just be


Don’t let them know about

The cunty things we do here

At the cunt palace

All outsiders are jealous

Of our cunt juice

Only we can understand

What cunts can

Everyday is a

Pizza party

In glorious


Cunt land

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