Kinda Happy

kinda happy


I identify as a man

As well as a lesbian

If I had been born

At any other time

In history

I wouldn’t be able to

Hormonally transition

I would just

Do what I’ve been doing

Which is

Dressing super butch

Talking low, and

Walking slow

These identities

Are only at odds

Within society

They are perfectly harmonious

Within me

All my inner voices

Singing beautifully

In-tune with my insides

Soaring higher than

My old-self could hear

My new voice is booming

Taking the lead

Singing louder and clearer

Than I’ve ever sung before

My song has arranged itself

Within me, now

The cacophony has subsided

Birds don’t get uneasy

When I’m near

Legit just cuz my voice is

Lower, now

Everything booms bigger

The laughing

The crying

The screaming

The lesbianing

I’m a big loud low

Extra-confident lesbian

I can’t believe I’m saying this

But I’m actually

kinda happy


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