Maybe the pain

I’ve been blaming

On arbitrary

Strangers has actually been

From my sister?

Or maybe it’s just

The same pain as before

Sometimes I wonder

If we aren’t mirrored

Stuck parallel

Images near, almost

Touching but never

Quite on the

Same page–

Cursed books

Published as twins

Sent in boxes

Edited to be



Unexpectedly and then–


A wave of nostalgia and

Warmth and the love

Of eternity you’ve been waiting for

Alas we are like

Mountains towering

High above each other

Never neighboring but

Running deeply into

Each other’s valleys

Getting lost and

Remembering what things

Were like before

We had our

Corporeal forms

Getting lost in each other’s


Knowing each other

Better than we

Know matter,

Firmer than we know

Earth. Sometimes I wonder

If we aren’t just

Atoms humming

Frequencies to the bees

Crying out


For all the suffering

To at least

Agree to

A sense of pitch

Goddamn if I am not

Broken to death over

Feeling your movements

Shadowing me

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