It’s Getting Better

Hi my name is


I’m a man and I’m also

A ftm nonbinary thing

I am here primarily

To cheer you up

But sometimes

I might call you out

On your bullshit.

I was a

Super-morbidly obese

Little kid, so I don’t exactly

Have any idea how to

Respectfully talk to other people.

I have never been

Respectfully talked-to.

I legit just

Don’t have the right blueprint

I’m doing my best

I’m also

A muscle-bear

I’m on testosterone and

I’m like so strong

I will pick you up

From whatever end you want

I can carry you anywhere

From pleasure to hell

But be warned–

I will crack jokes

The whole way there

And the whole way back

I crack jokes because I am

Completely fucking cracked–


I don’t know where to go

So I stay here and I chit chat

Stick around if you want

I am going to be here


Growing cabbage and

Staring at my slowly increasing

Arm hair, feeling my

Dick tingle as it goes from


I will keep you updated

As long as you can bear me

I just mostly hope

That someday

You’ll be able to

Skin me and wear me

*Like a fur-gin

Petted for the very first tiiiiime*

Forreal I just want to be

A fucking werewolf

Stay tuned, ya’ll

It’s getting better

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