I missed you, Sinner!

I hope you’re well

I don’t know you at all

But damn I just kinda

Fucking missed you anyway.

I guess it’s the idea

Of someone I’ve

Never met, who’s

Never heard me play

Talking to me on the

Internet, almost

As if I’m a


It’s like suddenly

I’m starring in some sort of

Play, where I can

Communicate to other

Living things with my


Reality? Not this way.

What kind of

Fucked up hell

Is empathy?

I should just

Leave it alone, let you

Write, get back to

Blowing everyone away.

Just say the word.

I can

Disappear as if

I never existed, but 

Before I stop talking

I’ll admit–

I hope I can stay.

3 Replies to “Sinner!”

  1. Whippoorwill

    Please don’t disappear. Sometimes people lose their voice and no matter how hard they wish and want and try, they just can’t communicate. It doesn’t mean they don’t feel for you, and it doesn’t mean they don’t love. Yes, I invoked that magical word, and I mean it too. I’m not shy, just disfluent. I think you’re wonderful and I bless the day I met you.
    Too much?
    That was too much, wasn’t it.
    I tend to speak my truth and wear my heart on my sleeve and go too far.
    When I can speak, that is.

    • Becky WTGH

      Hey, I’ve got no expectations. Just glad you’re here. Wish you’d post more but it’s nonenamybusiness. Am grateful for all of it. Lately I’ve been trying to write as close to what’s on my mind as possible. You were, so I proclaimed.

    • Becky WTGH

      Also “too much” is my middle name. I don’t know if it’s possible for sinnerwitch magic to be “too much”

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