Cunts of Different Tongues

I went to

Amsterdam once and I

Met a bunch of cunts.

They spoke to me

As if I was

Brain dead.

I wasn’t even

High yet so as you can

Imagine I was pissed.

They asked me

Why Americans feel

They need for

“Safe spaces”

In their college learning


I had to explain that

There aren’t safe spaces

In these environments

They laughed and said

“That’s nonsense”

We turned and

Looked at some

Monuments or some shit.

The same lady later

No joke

Then told me

To watch out for

The scooters

“They’ll run you right over”

Bitch !!

Come to America

We’ve got people

With machine guns on those

She also grew up in

Fucking Norway

Where they wear

Reflective fucking vests

To cross the street!!!!

Tell me again

How soft Americans are

Once you’re done

Bidet-ing your

Aryan sphincter you fucking

Classist idiot cunt bitch


This is why I

Stay home and

Wait to die instead of

Traveling the world

To meet cunts of

Different tongues

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