“You’ll lose weight—Someday!” Go Fuck Yourself Bologna

I once had

A human body

Talking near me

That I thought was a


It told me

That I could

“Lose weight someday!

Clearly You

Eat healthy and

Exercise !!

It will only be

A matter of time ”


What have I been

Telling you about?!?!


Stupid fucking

Brainless flesh bag

I’ve been doing that

For 18 steady years

Frought with perils

You’ve never faced

I’ve had more success

Than you’ve had

Doing fucking anything

I’m simply letting you know

That I have diseases

That make it so that

I don’t lose weight

Like a normal person

And yet

Here I am

Being chided like an infant

By someone who called themselves


I’d sooner blow my brains out

Than have to explain myself


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