Junior High

Grown Gay men are

Almost as fat phobic

As junior high girls.

Silky’s loss was

Very telling.

It’s like

Incredible to me

I’ve been treated

As a blimp

In virtually

Every gay bar I’ve ever been in

I identify as

Masculine, a bit of a

Bear, and I

Should fit in!

Alas, gay men

Hate fat more than

Any other sin.

They don’t care about


They don’t care about


They don’t care about


They just want to be


Being thin is being

The opposite of feminine

To some, I suppose

I’ve not ever met

Men who are as skinny

As women in junior high

Again, back to middle school

It’s the most telling part of our


Gay men will never be

As vicious as women, but they are

Sure making my life hell

In public.

I don’t fit in anything,


Can’t you see?!

You and I

Have the same problem


My existence

Makes you visibly queasy

I’d love it if maybe instead

You’d fucking

Mature past junior high

Like women are

Forced to. Men,

Get to stay boys forever

Lucky bastards

I’ve been a

Full-grown adult man

On the inside

Since I was

Figuring out

How to stay alive

In junior high

As a fat woman

Pro tip —

Don’t avoid being the victim

By being the bully

You just end up

Angry as hell

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