Lick Me Like a Listicle Baby

What does it say

About our brains

That listicles

Are the most


The most

Delectable, for

Purveyors to purvey?

What does a list

Hold for a reader

That a proper

Skim-read can’t do?

I swear, ya’ll

I thought we had

Collectively agreed that

Buzzfeed was old hat?

Or was that just

My mind getting

Clicked off when I

Wasn’t getting hired

With any of that?

Oh well, anyway

The article on my blog

That gets the most clicks

Is the one I started with

The listicle about being


It’s cute, I guess

I just wish people knew

I existed because of

Something other than a

Listicle I licked in 10 minutes

Between pee trips and

Crying breaks.

Oops, this poem wasn’t

Actually that great

Maybe I should write another

Listicle and stick to what’s

Palatable, instead.


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