Suited For

I feel that

I was always trans, but

I didn’t always want to transition.

Transitioning is mental

Transitioning is medical

Transitioning is emotional

Transitioning is physical

Transitioning is a choice

Being trans is not a choice

Being trans makes

Transitioning feel like it’s

Not a choice.

You could be

Non-binary and

Never think twice

You can be a

Binary boy and

Shave your arm off

Tryna be whole

I used to think

Gender was a construct

Now I think

Gender is a hormone

You can identify

As any sort of

Fly on the wall

But taking the plunge

Of a syringe

Is a choice one makes

To take it to the next level

Now that I’m on that path

It doesn’t feel optional

It feels as if

My whole past life was fictional

And now I’m finally

Playing the role I’m more

Suited for

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