14er Fury/Body Positivity

Body positivity

Is a myth.

No one in our

Modern society

Is body positive–

I’ve met many

Body apologetics

I’ve met countless

Body negatives

I’ve met millions of

Body critics

I’ve seen a handful of

Body activists — on the internet


I’ve never met anyone

Body positive


Hold on

Thin people are always

Cheering me on

To look more like them

Despite my genetics and

Diseases and Childhood history

They seem

Awful positive about something

Positively something! alright

Definitely not body positive

The people cheering me on

When I’m doing my thing


I bet those people think they are

“body positive”

I once hiked to the summit of

Quandary Peak

A beginner 14er in

Blue River, near

Breckenridge Colorado

On my way up

I was heckled negatively

By two different groups of kids

Telling me I was “almost there, fat ass!”

Even though it had just begun

I made it all the way to the top

I had my moment in the sun

I climbed the mountain just the same

As everyone

As I was summiting

Some other

Older wiser

Strangers cheered me on

I was so tired

I didn’t have time

To defend myself

From all of their

“Body Positivity”

I was just relieved

I didn’t trip and fall

I was so fucking dizzy

The air at 14,265′

Is fucking miserably

Thin, kind of like

What everyone wants me to be

Goddamnit why can’t you just

Let me summit in peace


FUCK your instagram


FUCK the police


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