Puberty, again…

I was sad

When you lied, but I understood.

I was surprised

There were more lies, but it weirdly

Made more sense, again.

Then I waited for

The part that makes it all make sense;

It didn’t happen.

Then I got

Sad again. Worse, this time

This time I realized

It was all pretend

I wasn’t sure what to believe

Or what to ask, or

What to think, even.

I felt disgusted and

Betrayed and most of all

Angry you didn’t say anything

Sooner than you did.

Then came the unbearable

Unrelenting rage

Of waiting

Waiting to be respected

Then realizing

Like an idiot

That that ship already sailed

They didn’t respect you

If you’re in this situation

Fucking hell

Fucking hell


What kind of

Stupid dope am I even

I am

So upset


I guess this is kind of like

Going through puberty again

I didn’t know I had to

Re-do junior high as well

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