Has anyone else

Experience a bit of a

Change in their desires

Since starting t?

I am so, so much more

Dominant than I

Used to be.

I still probably

Identify as a

“Switch” but I haven’t

Even tried yet, honestly

Been too busy fucking

With my new dick

All the stuff I like to

Do with it is really kinda

Toppy, honestly

Of course she has to

Cum a lot for me before

I’m even ready to go

But even that’s changed

I fucking love

Oral now, I used to

Hate it. A lot!

It used to give me anxiety.

Now I’m like

Goddamn suck it all day long

This is the

Best day of my life, honestly

Oh god please

Let me in you

I’m gonna fucking

Die and be

Reincarnated inside

Your pussy can you please

Squirt me out before

I die of all this


I just want to

Fuck your ass just

A little bit I think

You’ll like it even more than the

Last time

Oh my god baby

I think I’m a dom, now —

I like it.

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