Onion, Please

I love onions

More than all the other things

They are the ultimate

So good

They copied themselves

Over and over and over again

Layering perfection

Onto perfection.

Tangy, sweet,

Spicy, fresh,

Umami, citrus

Red, yellow

White, Vidalia

Spring, green,

Wild and young

God fucking dammit

I love onions

I will admit

I hate onion rings

And funions

They are liars, fakes


Not to be trusted

Oh–and French onions

Are just croutons that’ve been

Seasoned enough

Again– not onions

Onions make me cry

When I chop them

That’s how much

I love them

I’ve never once cried

Cutting up a chicken.

Onions, my love

You are without imitation

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