Therapy Woes

When I mentioned to my therapist

Some of my experiences with weight prejudice

She responded by saying

I was breaking her heart

And that she had

No idea

Fat people were treated like this

She then referenced

Body positivity, and looked at me

Like that means anything.

I call bullshit, honestly

You most certainly know

Fat people are less-than

You’re participating right fucking now!

You looked me up and down

When we first met

The way they all do

You also assumed that

I had been unable to

Stick to my diet

Since I’m still overweight

Literally the whole reason

I came to therapy

Is because I’m fucking starving,

Fat, and lonely

Nobody believes me

They all accuse me

Of seeking comfort from food

The doctors all insist

I lie on my MyFitnessPal

They insist I

Don’t exercise hard enough

I haven’t found

Comfort in food

Or anything

Since I was six years old

It has been nothing

But a source of pain for me

To eat

I wonder if they know

How fucking hungry I am



I wonder if they know

How many times I say no

In a single day

I wonder if they know

How much like an “other”

They’ve treated me

I know that they do

I know they approve

I don’t believe that any of this

Surprises you

When I die, I just want

Everyone to know

That everyone can all

Go fuck themselves to hell

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