Before transitioning

I liked sex a lot

I thought it was this

Incredible way to show

Love and intimacy

To another person

To share yourself

Most fully

To be your

Most vulnerable


I think about sex

Almost all the time

As something that I

Live for

Something that I am

Something that I

Offer others

Something that I am

Interested in

My perception on sex has

Radically changed

I’m always in the mood

I’m never afraid

I’m not nervous about anyone

Touching me the wrong way

I want to touch and be touched

I am very interested in

All things, all ways

I can masturbate

Over and over and over again

Never ending pleasure

Never feeling guilty

I’m not sure what the fuck this is


I think testosterone is

Something else entirely

My oh my how

My mind is changing

Things I used to find

Deal breakers are now

Homey and safe

I know for a fact

I wasn’t born this way

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