Beware of Motorcycles

My grandma

On her deathbed

Told my mom

To tell me

To beware of motorcycles

Now I wonder

If this isn’t some sort of

Symbol worth avoiding

Anywhere it appears

I wonder if I shouldn’t be

Afraid of the

Motorcycle men

Who are relatively unstable

Meddling with affairs

Beyond their comprehension

Too proud to admit

They have no idea what they’re doing

Insecure and dependent

Destructive, negative and


Somewhat like

My grandmother herself

A hillbilly

Smothered with anxiety

Unable to notice

Her daughter dying

Quickly by the same philosophy


Everything in

Her world was

Imaginatively at war with her

Except for the things

That were

She wasn’t wrong about

Her cancer that they

Told her she didn’t have

She wasn’t wrong about

A lot of things

Kind of like how

Motorcycles are

Objectively dangerous

And should be

Avoided regardless

As for everything else


I love her, and

I’m kinda stuck here

No matter what

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