Empath/Lost In Space

I’ve realized

That I’m actually

Amazing and

You all are just

Idiots, we are

Rolling around on

A rock in space

Torturing each other

For stimulation

Trying to make sense

Of being stuck in

Little shoeboxes of our

Own creation

Insisting that rent

Is based on value

And system, when

Love is the only thing

That made any of us

Able to be here

Spitting on each other

Floating on this

Fucking ugly rock

Covered in plastic

Coal and cum and

Cocoa puffs, other sorts of

Horrors humans invented

To make the day

A little shorter

Please, love doe

Just find someone else

To entertain you

I’m done

Taking your shit

Feeling your pain

I’m done being some

Empath idiot

Roasting, broiling

Dying from everyone’s feelings

I would rather be

Dead than hear

One more of your


I have been

Avoiding the label

Empath for my whole life

It seems trite,

Compared to what I have to deal with

Alas I don’t know how else to describe

Being crushed by the weight of

Everyone’s feelings

When you’re just trying to

Relax and

Mind your own business

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