Kill Bill Vol. 3 Ballade of Becky’s Bullies

I quite enjoy

Quentin Tarantino

He is one of my favorites

He seems to understand

The raw sexual thrill

Of watching women

Kill men


I would very much enjoy

Starring in a third volume

Mr. Tarantino, please?

I don’t have

Excellent feet

But I do have

Excellent bullies

As well as a

Built-in gender flop

For the story

Non-binary kill bill is like

Playbill gold, yo

My bullies targeted

All sorts of modern issues

Including my adult bullies

Like Navient !

I would love to

Skin a trumpet guy I know

Harper something

Would love to

Hold him under water

Until whoopsie almost gone

Over and over and over again

I’d also love

To lock him in a cage

And feed him until he becomes


And roll him around town

Naked, spineless and

Withering with pain and shame

For the first time in years

Out of his cage

Showing everyone

What a disgusting fat pig he really is

Showing everyone

How inhuman humans can be

I kept thinking

All of the stuff

Bullies did

Would come back and

Bite them

I kept thinking

Karma existed

But it doesn’t

It really, really doesn’t

Hollywood! CAST ME!!

I need another volume

Otherwise I’m gonna have to

Go unscripted

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