S.I.L.F. Somebody I’d Like to Fuck

*TW explicit I literally never write smut but oh well here we go happy sunday*


I used to want you to

Top me, use me as your


I used to want you to

Make me scream

Make me wish you’d be

Part of me

I used to wish you’d

Want my cum all

Over your fingers

While you suck my clit and

Finish me

I used to daydream about

You testing my limits

Juicing me until I

Cum and cum and cum

Toppings unlimited for

Little becky buns

I used to get so

Soft and hard when you’d

Flip me and

Put me in position

I used to love the way my

Tits rubbed on the sheets

Pussy pounded

Orgasms rolling like

Thunder from my cunt straight

To my heart

I used to daydream

About a top

Toppy enough for me

Now, I look in the mirror

And I get so excited

Because he’s staring

Right back at me

He’s making me cum

Every single night

I’ve never been so

Perpetually aroused

This guy is making

Casanova look bad

Every day I take

My own breath away

Every day I suck

My own dick, lovingly

Every day I take

One step closer–

One step closer to

Being somebody

I’d like to fuck



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