Pretty People are Weird As Fuck

All of the

Ridiculously gorgeous people

I’ve met

Some of which are like

Very gorgeous–

Models, dancers, musicians, actors

Beauty queens, baristas —

Are weird as fuck

They can get away with

Being anything

So might as well

Be weird as fuck


They’re usually

Aloof and don’t have any

Sense of urgency

One of them I knew

Was a narcissist

I know because she

Ordered everyone around like

Servants, and all the men

Fucking did it


I literally can’t get a man

To hold the door open for me

Let alone

Carry my stuff, chauffeur me

Fuckin damn yo

Yeah I’d be weird as hell

If I was that pretty

Nobody ever tells you

Anything but

Yes!! And?!

It’s almost bullshit but

Honestly I find it funny

Also I

Take a tremendous amount of joy

In doing things myself

I’m a control freak of sorts

Ugly AF

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