Prednisone Peculiarities

When I was

Very little

They put me on

Prednisone for

A year and a half

Because of

My doctors orders

I had asthma

And other stuff

I got

Round faced and


I got a small

Hump on the back of my neck

I got stretch marks

All up and down my belly

From my armpits

To the sides of my knees

The doctors all told me

I needed to

Eat less and

Move more

I did as such

I then broke my leg

In two places

And had to recover

During this time

My mother

Treated me as if I was

A burden

No mother would ever

Wish upon another

I got

Much much fatter after that

That’s when they stopped

Associating with me in public

Now I look back

On all this truth

And I wonder

If I didn’t just have

Cushings disease

If I don’t just

Still have it

I have unusually high

Cortisol in my blood

But I’ve never

Tested positive

For a brain tumor in my

Urine analysis

At least the

Kind they usually

Look for

I wonder if I don’t just

Have permanent little

Prednisone baby body

I have

100% of the symptoms

They describe me

So perfectly

My hump

Is currently propping my neck up

As I write this

Beautiful, beautiful poetry

It makes me anxious

To see pictures of

People with the disease because

I look just like them

I have been

Trying to get diagnosed

With something that

Helps to explain

My life

And my struggles

This syndrome

This disease

Is the only thing

That makes any sense to me

I am

Certain I will die

Very young and

Very terribly

I hope to

Record as many

Beautiful things

As I can before the

Pain finally consumes me

I also hope to write

Some things

I might want to read

In my next life

Where I get to be free

Free from all of this


Free from stress

Free from cortisol

Free from this prison

I’ve called home

For as long as I’ve known

What home is

Fuck You, prednisone

I would rather

Wheeze than

Live this alone, this


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