Little Becky Book Worm

When I was

Little I read a

Book every day or so

I’d get so obsessed with reading

I’d forget what day it was

I’d read books about people

Books about places

Books about mice and squirrels

Brewing wine and writing poems

Books about dragons and

Lonely boys that get to raise them

Books on bread and baking and

The joys of cooking, books on

Biology that my mom kept from college

Poems and plays and

Lists of books that my teacher gave me.

I’d ask for books to read at home

I think she knew I was sad, or something

Who knew? anyway

I’m glad I read so much

It kept me busy and it kept my

Brain alive

I got to live things I’d

Never be able to experience

Like riding a horse

Or climbing mountains

Or falling in love

Building a house

Killing in self defense–

You know, the basics!

I learned about

Relationships, and people’s

Instincts through books, mostly.

In real life, I was not a

Human, so I had to

Study how to pass.

I learned how to

Recognize when your life is being

Fueled by bad things, like

Greed, lust, dishonesty,

Shit that you learn about in

Bible school, but like, in books

It’s usually way more cool

It’s usually more like,

Whatever you want it to be

My books were always

Incredibly, incredibly interesting

I’d imagine full backgrounds, with

The best actors you’ve

Never seen, each story was their

Starring role, they always nail it, and

You never get sick of seeing

Them, they’re in your fucking head.

Also there were always lots of

Different types of people, with different

Skin tones, body shapes, and heritages

Different lifestyles and different

Interests. I wonder why

I’ve never met anyone else

Who projected so much empathy

Onto all of their characters?

I only assume

You all don’t

Because you’re living

As if you don’t even know what it is

I’ve never experienced

Genuine respect, but through

Books, I did, so I have a bit of an

Idea how it goes.

Based on

What I read, I’m in the

Part of my life

Russian, Tolstoy-esque

Where I have personal conflict

With all of humanity

While also struggling

To confront my own internal enemies

This, I suppose

Is the time in my life

Where my friends become

Too overwhelmed with their own demands

Too consumed by their own demons

I guess nobody else

Studied up when they were

Healing broken bones and

Eating lunch alone

I am very thoroughly prepared for this chapter in my life

The loneliness chapters

Also known as

The complete collector set edition

Loneliness is just

The reason for the books to begin with

No one would ever read a book

If they had someone to hangout with

Especially not

Write one in the first place!

Goddamn, ya’ll

Everyone’s blaming technology

For making us lonely, and

Turning people into loons

But I’ve been reading

Honestly, quite dangerously

Since I could check out books from

The library

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