All of the Above


My ocarina cartridge

Is out of battery

And won’t recharge itself

Until tomorrow

My wii controllers

Are all out of batteries

And even the

Cordless wii bar

I had to buy because

My cat chewed through

Two different cords.

Now I’m like

I guess I’ll play Skyrim

On my refurbished PS3

That turns off every couple hours

When it overheats

And throws a tantrum

We are destined for each other,

I suppose

I can’t have nice things

Because, well–

All of the above.

9 Replies to “All of the Above”

    • Becky WTGH

      Legit I actually like Lydia? She is honest and true, yo. She reminds me too much of someone I actually like, so I had to kill her in a cave somewhere. Was painful for both of us.

      • Whippoorwill

        I understand. Sometimes bitter breakups in the depths of Draugr ruins and caves and tombs are an unpleasant reality. Sometimes things just have to get stabby.

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