Eat Me/Swallow Their Pride

My girlfriend was like

“You should reach out

And get over this because

It’s my fault you guys

Stopped talking”

I wish that was true

It’d be simpler

It’d be nicer

I’d love to blame

Someone else, like

My poor char

Who just kinda

Got jealous and

Damn near died.

I wish it was her fault

It’s just

So bewildering to me

This whole situation

Also I just

Still hurt from all the

Patronizing nonsense

Web of lies I never

Asked to get caught in

I legit just like

Chillin with spiders

I didn’t know you thought

I was a fly

I did make a few sly

High fives that might’ve

Given you too much

Wind in your sails

I enjoyed blowing your sails

I used to think they were

Fantastic, incredible sails

But now I just feel

Swaddled in silk

Feeling a venom

Tricking me into thinking

This was all some

Big misunderstanding

How could I be

Misunderstood by you?

I thought that was

The whole cool thing

The whole shibangboom

Now that I am

Stuck here

Feeling poisoned and confused

I have to tell you

All of this spider shit

Is working against you

Literally you could have just

Let me be fly guy

Or at least

Not try to

Eat me

But who am I

Just some little old loser

Who won’t swallow their pride

I guess I’ll die, angry

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