The Last Time

The last time

I tried to

Get help for this

I had most

Of the worst


I saw many

A doctor

With legitimate

Problems, and

Was mocked

Chided, and


The last time

I had to do this

I was giving

Myself this same

Pep talk

I was


Even trying

Because they

Never listen

And never try


Other than


To me that

I am

Not seeing things clearly

The thing about

My body is

That I

Live here

I know what’s


Why do I have

To remind myself

That things

Are this way?

Why have I been

Gaslighted about

The state my

Body is in?

Again, I am

At the end

Of my rope.

Again, I will

Start asking

I will figure

Out what is


The last time,

This time

Not like the

Last time,

At all.

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