Share Myself/Poly

I used to think I wanted to

Share myself, with as

Many people as I could

Feel strongly for.

I used to think I was

Made of love, and that

I was destined to be

A lover for many, many

More than just one person.

Now, I wonder

Endlessly, about the state

Of one another.

I am no longer,

Bursting with love, now I am

Forced to focus the love I have

On myself, and very few others.

Now, I am almost a sort of

Love miser, I’m in debt

From spending recklessly

On junk that I didn’t need

I’ve got a new bank account,

I’m ready to save.

I don’t have room to love

Anyone except for those

That love me, even when

I’m poor.

Maybe I’m still poly, I’m just

Really fucking broke(n).

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