Observe/Sobbing Garlic Reference

I complain a lot

I have learned

To pick on myself

The way others have

Picked on me

I learn a lot

From the people around me

I learn as much as I can

I observe

It’s the main thing

That I like to do

It’s my

Favorite hobby

I guess some might call it

Hyper awareness or


But nevertheless

I’ve learned , a lot

I observe, endlessly

I learn things that

People don’t teach me

A lot of the things

I enjoy doing

Are things I imitated

Others doing

Like swimming

I learned to swim

Watching my sister

Or music

I learned to play

Watching my teachers

And tuning out their babbling

Or cooking

I learned to cook

Watching everyone

Who has ever cooked near me

Whether they ever let my

Fat face near them

I love food, and I love

Cooking, and I especially love

Healthy cooking.

I complain a lot

But one thing I’m grateful for

Are the incredible chefs

I’ve met in my life

Only two.

Two, honestly.

One I remember

Every day, every time I see

A garlic clove

Two women come to mind

One, I’ll never see again

And one that if I did,

I’d probably cry.

My exes aunt patronized me once

About how to peel garlic

But I learned then and there

That I already knew how to do it

The other? The sobbing feeling reference

She knew how to use garlic

She also taught me

To salt my salads

Something I have

Literally never considered doing

Prior to meeting

Sobbing garlic reference lady

I love onions more than

Life itself, but

Garlic makes me

Cry the most, I think.

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