I got diagnosed

And told that I am

Already treating myself

With my lifestyle and habits

As if I

Didn’t know that already

I got diagnosed

With a disease I’ve had

Since I was four

And now I’m

Twenty seven

I was told

It will get out of my system

On its own

But here I am

At the fucking doctor


Five years since my last dose of prednisone

Round, puffy and swollen

All doctors

All medical professionals

Immune to my suffering

My fat face turns

Everything into a

Lie or exaggeration

I never wonder

If there is a hell

Because I’ve been

Living here full time

Everyone tells me

I’m lying and

I’m the only one in hell

Who cares about

Honesty, honestly

How could it take

Longer than twenty three



Scan my adrenal glands

You fucking


Demon Hell cunts

I will rip

My own fucking kidney out

If I have to

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